Exploring Upgrades And Extras For The Jeep Wrangler

May 31st, 2024 by

A grey 2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon X is shown from the side while crawling over rocks.

Maybe you’re searching for a Jeep Wrangler for sale near Louisville to upgrade your current ride, or maybe you’re already a proud Wrangler owner; either way, you undoubtedly understand the thrill of hitting I-65 when adventure calls to explore the rugged landscape around Bernheim Forest or the relaxation of taking a Sunday cruise to enjoy the scenic beauty. No matter your drive style, the Jeep Wrangler is at home in both the city and the country, making it the ultimate driving companion.

But what if you could take your journey to the next level? What if you could enhance your Wrangler’s performance, capabilities, or style to conquer even the roughest backcountry terrain or the most challenging city streets, for that matter?

One reason drivers love the Wrangler is its upgrades. Learn about available accessories, lifts, tires, tech, and beyond to take your Wrangler to all new levels of awesomeness. Whether you’re hoping to enhance your Wrangler’s off-road capabilities with different tires or simply want to add a few personal touches, we have you covered. In the Wrangler, it’s fun and easy to upgrade your driving experience and explore the roads less traveled in and around Louisville.

Lifts And Leveling Kits

Interested in elevating your Wrangler’s off-road capabilities? Check out the available lifts and leveling kits to help unleash your ride’s full potential. Ensuring your Jeep Wrangler has the necessary ground clearance is essential if you’re an off-roader who feels the rougher the terrain, the better. An increased lift means your Jeep can go farther into the backwoods without worrying about potentially damaging obstacles.

So what is available? There’s plenty to take your Wrangler to a new level. We can get lift kits ranging from one inch to five-plus inches, depending on your lifestyle. You can also choose between two different types of lift kits: a body lift or a suspension lift. What about a leveling kit? Most leveling kits are typically no more than one to two inches and does exactly what it says, evens out your Wrangler. A leveling kit may be needed if you’re adding other gear to your Wrangler, like a winch.

Installing these kits means drivers can have more flexibility if they are looking to add larger tires or for drivers looking to add a personal touch aesthetic-wise to their model. While adding lift or leveling kits to your Wrangler can be a quick and often inexpensive upgrade, keep things in mind, like what you want from your Wrangler. If you have a two or four-door model, ensure you get a vehicle with the right balance of performance, looks, and comfort to match your daily drive.

The retractable hardtop of a grey 2024 Jeep Wrangler for sale near Louisville is shown from the rear at a high angle.

Accessories To Enhance Style And Function

Enhancing your Wrangler with parts to upgrade your ride can be a quick and easy way to match your Jeep with your lifestyle without breaking the bank. So, what should you look out for? Increase the interior storage and stay organized by adding storage features. Something as simple as adding a console organizer can help you keep essentials on hand like phones or first aid kits. It can help you keep your gear in place. If you’ve got lots to keep track of, having a spot for everything is a simple way to streamline your drive and keep everything you need accessible.

Adding a dash phone mount keeps your devices secure and on hand even when you’re traversing rocky and uneven ground. If your phone is safely mounted, it means you can stay connected and get in touch when you need to, no matter where you roam. Put on seat covers to enhance the comfort and durability of your Wrangler. You can get covers that are both water and tear-resistant to protect your original seating while elevating the interior style of the cabin. Choosing a seat cover with added padding keeps things supportive and comfortable.

And on the outside consider adding on front and back bumpers. This can not only enhance your Wrangler’s appearance but also help protect it from damage when the road gets rough. There are front bumpers designed for rock crawling and heavy off-roading. You can also find options that can be easily attached or swapped out to quickly alter your Jeep’s appearance to meet your driving needs.

You definitely can’t go past a roof rack, either. A roof rack can enhance your Wrangler’s cargo abilities so you can bring along or pick up any extras. With drill and non-drill clip designs, you can pick up a roof rack that fits your budget.

What if you’ve got a soft top? Can you add a roof rack? You bet! You can get crossbars and a rear ladder for easy access. As accessories can vary from make to make and year to year, always keep your specific Wrangler model in mind to ensure the perfect fit when adding any accessory or extra to your ride.

Choosing The Right Tires For For Louisville’s Terrain

The area in and around Louisville consists mainly of highways and paved roads, so while it’s smooth, it can get slippery during colder months or storms. It can also get a bit bumpy here or there in places like I-64 East or Blankenbaker Parkway with potholes or cracks. So, you naturally want a tire that has no problem handling urban driving. But if you live just outside of the city in a more rural town like nearby Campbellsville or Villa Hills, you might not only have to deal with commuting but also more side roads or back roads that are bumpy, rocky, or muddy at different points throughout the year. And if you’re an adventure-seeking road-tripping driver traveling west to the rugged Appalachian Mountains or heading along the soft terrain around the Ohio River, you need tires that can tackle whatever might come up, be it rocky, muddy, or somewhere in between.

This leads us to the question: what tires work well for your Wrangler when you live in Louisville? First, let’s look at your typical daily driving. You want a versatile tire that can handle the road and the weather all year long. If you don’t have to worry about heading off-road or tackling trails and you’re mainly concerned with highway and urban driving, you don’t need the huge treads because that just means more noise. Opting for tires like Bridgestone Dueler or Michelin is a smart move for a long-lasting, versatile tire. BFGoodrich also has a noteworthy all-terrain KO2 tire that is ideal for urban driving but offers enough grit to hit up camp trails or offer comfortable dirt road driving.

For rougher roads or off-road terrain, you’ll need something with more of a bite than your typical tire. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain features treads to give you more of a grip over challenging terrains. Ironman All Country Mud tires can be had in 33-37 inches and offer the aggressive traction you’ll need when you find yourself deep in the backcountry.

A red 2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is shown from the front at an angle.

Tech Upgrades To Navigate With Ease

One last way to upgrade your Wrangler is with tech add-ons. This can be something as useful as changing out your factory halogen headlights with crisp LEDs for increased output or adding on an advanced navigation GPS. When it comes to lighting, it is easy to keep things classic with round headlamp updates or put a modern spin on things with an LED light bar or light pods. Adding extra lighting accessories can add to the function of your Wrangler. Spots and flood beams help you check out the terrain ahead or set up camp after dark.

The Wrangler Was Made For Adventure

There’s no doubt that the Jeep Wrangler is an SUV that’s made for adventure. But the best part is its flexible nature, which means whether you’re a city driver, a suburban commuter, or you have an off-roading wild side, the Wrangler loves it all. And it’s easy to customize, accessorize, and make the Wrangler your own without hurting your wallet.

The Wrangler is a great choice for Louisville drivers thanks to its precise steering and small nature, which helps it tackle urban traffic. But when you want to get away to enjoy the serenity of the Ohio River Valley, no problem; load up the Wrangler and enjoy the journey. Whether you’re looking to upgrade with a lift kit and new mud tires, or you want to streamline your storage and add a little extra flexibility with seat covers and all-weather rubber mats, the Wrangler was designed to suit a diverse number of lifestyles, making it the ideal fit for the practical driver that is wild at heart.