A Look At The Convenient And Hidden Storage Compartments Of The 2024 Ram 1500

November 17th, 2023 by

The black interior, dash and cargo spaces in a 2024 Ram 1500 for sale.

Most people look at a pickup truck and think that all of the storage magic happens in the bed. There is some truth to that. When you need to haul furniture home you found at an antique store, that bed comes in handy. When you want to take a few dirt bikes out to a trail, plus a large cooler full of beverages you’ll crack open after your ride, the bed is useful. If you need to transport massive tools and materials to a work site on a regular basis, you’ll want a pickup bed. If you’ve always driven a pickup, you know you’re the first person your car-driving buddies call when they need help on moving day. A pickup bed is definitely versatile. However, not everybody thinks about all of the items truck drivers need to store on a regular basis that they don’t necessarily want hanging out in the bed for the world to see.

Ram has always been known for creating vehicles filled with features that pleasantly surprise drivers and show that the manufacturer puts a great deal of thought into the lives of their customers. If you plan on checking out a Ram 1500 for sale and you’re interested in the 2024 model, be sure to take a close look at the details. Ram designed several standard and available discreet and multi-functional storage areas in the cab and bed. These compartments are extremely convenient and even essential to many drivers. Let’s take a look.

The Rambox Cargo Management System

The Rambox Cargo Management System is an available feature that you can add to your truck bed, and we love to show it off to customers. This system consists of two storage bins that can run the full length of your truck bed, depending on your model. These bins are weatherproof, which solves a problem truck drivers often face: where to stash extra-long bed items that cannot get wet. If you travel with electric tools that can be destroyed by a bit of rainfall, these bins are an excellent place to store them.

Alternatively, the bins are an excellent place to store valuable items that won’t fit inside the truck cab but that you won’t want loose in the bed. That’s because the bins are lockable. Standard truck beds are fine for hardy materials that you aren’t afraid of exposing to the elements or revealing to onlookers. But anything that doesn’t fit that description can go inside the Rambox Cargo Management System.

The bins have lights inside of them, so you can easily view your items in the dark. You can turn the lights off when you don’t need them. If any water ever gets into the bins, there is a drain plug to let water flow out easily. The bins can support up to 150 pounds, so feel free to load them up with heavy items. Inside the driver-side bin, you’ll find a 115-volt power outlet. Plug anything with a max rating of 180 watts in there, like a phone or tablet charger.

You can lock and unlock these bins using your keyfob or a physical key you will receive if you add the Rambox Cargo Management System.

The rambox cargo management system in a red 2024 Ram 1500 is shown.

Two Glove Compartments: One Upper and One Lower

If you spend a lot of time in your pickup, you know that you have some essentials that you need all of the time. Then you have some other items you only need sometimes and that you’d prefer to keep locked up. That’s why we love to show drivers the two glove compartments in the Ram 1500.

You’ll find one upper compartment that’s great for keeping the items you need on hand. This is where you’ll keep tissues, maps, chargers, snacks, sunglasses, and similar items. However, if you look below that, you’ll find a second glove compartment. The lower glove compartment is lockable, so this is a good place to stash your wallet, phone, watch, or other valuables that you might leave in the truck when you hop out to work on a dusty site or to take a spontaneous dip in a lake. There are many times when keeping your valuables on your person does not make sense. When those times come up, put them in the lockable lower glove compartment.

The Reconfigurable Center Console

The Ram 1500’s reconfigurable center console has been popular for quite some time now. It’s almost like having a mini business center right between the two front seats. When its lid is down, you have a comfortable armrest. Flip that lid up, and you’ll find a world of storage possibilities.

A shallow tray on top is ideal for small odds and ends, like a snack, a comb, or your phone. However, beneath that upper tray is a deep bin capable of holding a 15-inch laptop. Many contractors struggle to know how to safely store the laptops that they bring along to work sites for admin tasks. This console is perfect for that. It’s also designed to hold hanging files, so you can bring those contracts or blueprints along with you, and keep them neat and organized.

Ram is known for hiding little surprises throughout their models, and if you look right beneath the lid of this console, you’ll find one of those. Some fans call them “Easter Eggs.” This egg is a full panel of math charts and rulers. You’ll find a metric conversion chart, a protractor, a right angle, and even a Pythagorean theorem. So, if you need to measure something or simply want to brush up on your high school math skills, you can do so.

The black reconfigurable center console in a 2024 Ram 1500 is shown.

In-Floor Storage

You’ll find even more hidden storage at your feet—literally. The 2024 Ram 1500 has available in-floor storage in its crew cab models. This compartment is deep enough to contain a four-inch drop hitch, giving you somewhere to stash this awkward item you might not otherwise know what to do with when you’re not using it. The in-floor storage area also has liners to keep it clean. Again, here, like in the console lid, you’ll find a ruler—this time a 15-inch molded-in one. There are even two tie-downs in this compartment to secure items.

Check Out the Tough and Well-Designed 2024 Ram 1500 Today

We’re always impressed with the thoughtful design features found in every Ram vehicle. The 2024 Ram 1500 continues to impress us, and it’s filled with what its fans endearingly call “Easter Eggs” throughout its cab and bed. You’ll love discovering these convenient features, and we’d love to show them to you.

We carry the all-new Ram 1500, and one of our team members will gladly help you determine the best trim for your needs. Tell us about the work you need to do with your pickup, and we’ll know just which model will be up to the challenge. Every day, we bring more models onto our lot, so there’s a lot to explore here.

Our finance team will work with you to find the ideal budget payment plan. We are here to help drivers get behind the wheel of this highly capable and well-planned pickup and cannot wait to send you home in one.

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