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Are you looking for a new car, truck, or SUV from a local dealer? Dan Cummins Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is dedicated to helping you find the vehicle of your dreams from our new car stock. Please stop in or check our website to browse our extensive inventory of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram models. When shopping for a new car, the last thing you want is to spend a lot of time researching the vehicle of your dreams, only to find out that your dealership doesn't have your chosen model in stock. While some people are flexible and willing to settle, it shouldn't have to be that way. Fortunately, there is no need to keep searching for "new cars in stock near me" when all you have to do is drop by Dan Cummins. Our impressive inventory of new models means that we have just what you are searching for and at an affordable price.

A white 2021 Dodge Charger is shown from the front after searching new cars in stock near you.

A Large Inventory of New Vehicles

Dan Cummins is the place to be when you are looking for a new Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, or Dodge to fulfill your transportation needs. Whether you are looking for something for your daily errands or need something for your weekend adventures, we have just what you need. In addition, we stock a wide variety of new models, trims, packages, and colors, so you won't have a problem finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

New Chrysler Models

If you are looking for a large sedan that is as big and bold as it is spacious and comfortable, you are looking for a Chrysler 300. The Chrysler 300 offers best-in-class power when you choose the available HEMI V8 engine. However, the standard V6 isn't a bad choice either, as it is quick to accelerate and rather efficient. The 300 boasts a modern look, to be sure, but there is a hint of a classic style in it as well.

If you are in the market for a family ride but just can't pull the trigger on an SUV, the Chrysler Pacifica offers plenty of passenger and cargo space. The Pacifica boasts a hybrid powertrain, sleek look, and all the benefits of an SUV, wrapped up in a luxurious minivan. If you aren't crazy about owning a minivan, the bold front grille and surprisingly sporty look of the Pacifica is sure to change your mind.

There are several strong selling points the Chrysler Pacifica enjoys; it's a practical minivan that offers fuel efficiency, the space you need for family comfort, and a price tag that will leave you with a big smile on your face. But inexpensive doesn't mean cheap, and the Pacifica doesn't cut corners. This model boasts a powerful drivetrain, high safety ratings, and plenty of convenience and luxury features.

Two black 2021 Chrysler Pacificas are parked on dirt in front of mountains.

New Dodge Models

For drivers seeking that adrenaline rush you only get driving a muscle car, without a doubt, you need to check out the new Dodge Charger. The Charger checks everything off of the list you made about what you love in a muscle car. It offers a V8 HEMI that boasts maddening horsepower, and you bet it looks sweet from top to bottom, but it also handles well and even offers available all-wheel drive. The Charger boasts impressive performance and will knock the plaque off your teeth, but it is also a more practical muscle car that works well for everyday use.

If the Dodge Charger isn't impressive enough for your tastes, then perhaps you need to slide behind the wheel of a Challenger. We can talk all day about engine size, horsepower, and torque, and we can also give you crazy performance numbers that will make your head spin. Just know that you are the king of the road while driving a Challenger. So let's turn our focus on the Challenger style; it offers a modern look without losing the classic vibe; you will look good driving this bad boy down the street. And let's not overlook the spacious interior, fantastic infotainment system, and excellent ride quality.

There are several SUVs on the market that boast a third row of seats, but none of those can compare to the Dodge Durango in terms of raw power. While the standard Pentastar V6 is quite capable, Dodge offers three HEMI V8 choices, and as we all know, options are good. In addition, the Durango is a spacious SUV, and you enjoy all of the modern features, making the Durango an excellent choice for a family vehicle. Better still, the Durango enjoys a soft and comfortable ride yet is quite capable of handling off-road driving.

New Jeep Models

For those who enjoy outdoor activities and weekend adventures, the Jeep Cherokee has long been the choice for those wanting something with off-road chops. Even if you don't opt for the Trailhawk option, the Cherokee holds its own on challenging trails with the big boys. But don't forget that Jeep never compromised comfort for power; the Cherokee is still a comfy ride for those long journeys. The Cherokee also offers ample interior space; even passengers in the back seat enjoy plenty of legroom.

Ahhh, the Renegade; who says you have to have a big SUV for an adventurous ride? The Jeep Renegade proves that big things do come in small packages. The Renegade is practical, durable, and a daring little SUV with a capable engine and great style. The Renegade boasts off-road prowess without the sluggish response of some bigger models. It is a crossover with a fresh look and responsive handling, the perfect choice for the off-road rookies out there.

What's so great about the Jeep Compass? For starters, it's a perfect size; it's smaller than the Cherokee and larger than the Renegade. When it comes to size, it's ideal for drivers and their families. In addition to an attractive design, smart-looking interior, and a number of driver's aids, the Compass offers a smooth ride, plenty of cargo space, and the highly capable Trailhawk trim. Even the base model is loaded with great tech features.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has always set the standard for all of the other SUVs on the market. We really can't say anything bad about the Grand Cherokee; it's an icon that is easily recognizable. It has everything adventurers love, including a powerful drivetrain, excellent off-road capabilities, and great handling. However, one thing you might overlook at first is its impressive towing capabilities.

The Jeep Wrangler boasts extremely impressive off-road chops, a classic look, and an interior big enough for passengers and plenty of cargo. The Wrangler is an off-road beast, to be sure, but it also enjoys an impressive infotainment system, plenty of safety features, and available driver-assist systems. It climbs, it tows, it is a workhorse of an SUV.

A blue 2021 Ram 1500 is shown from the side in a city.

New Ram Models

The Ram pickup series is a very popular truck that can be used for everything from a work truck to a family vehicle. The pickup segment of the auto industry is super competitive, but the Ram always seems to come out on top ever since it gained independence from Dodge back in 2009. Whether we are talking about the 1500, 2500, or 3500, the Ram offers excellent towing abilities, plenty of power, and a luxurious ride. If you want the best truck on the market, Ram is the way to go.

What sets Ram apart from the competition? It's a long list, but some of the highlights include a unique coil-spring rear suspension for incredible ride quality, a modern cabin that feels more like a luxury car than a truck, and of course, the legendary HEMI V8 and Cummins turbo-diesel engines. Innovations like a panoramic sunroof, reclining rear seats, and the RamBox Cargo Management System further add to the versatility of these trucks.

Ram also offers best-in-class off-road machines like the mighty Ram 2500 Power Wagon and the unbelievable Ram 1500 TRX. With a legacy tracing back to World War II, the modern Power Wagon is the most capable three-quarter-ton off-road truck on the market, allowing you to have the toughest truck on the trails. The TRX is newer to the scene, but it has already redefined what it means to be a performance truck. With over 700 horsepower from a supercharged V8 engine, the TRX brings muscle car acceleration to the pickup truck market and is the new king of the off-road world.

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But wait, there is more; after you leave our showroom in your new Jeep, Dodge, Ram, or Chrysler, our long-term relationship has just begun. We are with you every mile that you drive and every year that you own your vehicle. Whenever your vehicle needs scheduled maintenance or unplanned repairs, the Dan Cummins service center is here to help. Our team of expert technicians will use genuine Mopar parts to keep your vehicle running at its best for years to come.

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