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Ram Dealer – Lexington, KY

Looking for a Ram dealer? Visit us at Dan Cummins Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram near Lexington, KY. Rugged durability is the easy answer to why we love Ram trucks, but there is so much more to this brand than just the story of its capabilities. The folks at Ram also had the driver and passengers in mind when they redesigned this line of trucks in 2019, and it’s evident from the first glimpse, Ram trucks are showstoppers, with incredible lines and arguably the best curb appeal of any other truck in the category.

The Ram trucks’ eye-catching good looks are a lot like the most elaborately-wrapped present under the Christmas tree: beautiful to look at, but we’re dying to see what’s inside. The good news is that what’s inside may even be better. In short, Ram provides an opportunity for truck buyers to equip their truck with every imaginable comfort and tech option. Whether you want heated leather seats or the latest in infotainment, Ram has an answer. Your pickup truck can feel a lot like a luxury import if that’s what you’re after.

A white 2020 Ram 1500 from a local Ram dealer is parked on a runway.

So what do we know? Here’s a summary: these Ram trucks offer unbelievable towing and cargo-hauling capability, plentiful powertrain options to deliver performance in all driving conditions, and lots of extras to customize the cabin for ultimate driver and passenger comfort. That’s a powerful trifecta that should put the Ram Truck high up on your wishlist.

A truck like this doesn’t just appear overnight. Ram trucks have a long history of innovation, engineering, and designing rigs that get the job done, with class-leading powertrains and the hauling capabilities that demanding buyers need. Their evolution over the years tells the story of an automaker that kept the consumer in mind every step of the way. When you purchase a Ram, you know that you’re the beneficiary of all of that learning, as it’s built right into your truck.

Let’s look at the genesis of the Ram truck and how it evolved into the gorgeous and rugged workhorse that it is today.

A black 2020 Ram 3500 is backing a trailer full of hay towards a barn near Lexington, KY.

The Ram Truck History

The Ram truck name has only been around since 2010. Most of us know that this line of trucks used to exist under the Dodge Ram brand, but under any nameplate, these rigs have always been highly-respected and class-leading. It pays to know the history of your pickup truck so you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership, including its legacy. The company has always positioned the Ram truck line for the utility buyer, which means that under the good looks, this truck is going to get the job done.

The permanent nameplate change came about just as Chrysler took over Fiat in 2009; however, the Ram name was first used in 1981. In 2009, the company looked to differentiate its line of cars from its truck line in order to simplify the model lineup and also begin the process of creating a sub-brand for Ram. Interestingly, the Ram logo was originally used for all Dodge vehicles.

Ram trucks have earned the prestigious Motor Trend Truck of the Year award seven times, including back in 1994 while in its third generation. The current fifth-generation of Ram trucks has wowed automotive journalists everywhere, winning several prestigious awards, including Green Truck of the Year by the Green Car Journal. The truck has maintained much of its original design intent, with engineers remaining focused on developing work trucks that dominate in towing capacity and hauling ability.

The first generation of Ram trucks utilized the 150, 250, and 350 labels to show their half-ton, three-quarter-ton, and one-ton options, respectively, and offered the trucks as a standard regular cab, club cab, and crew cab. As they do today, these first-gen Ram trucks were offered in standard and extended bed configurations. Three engine options were offered: a 225-horsepower slant-6 and two V8’s with horsepower ratings of 318 and 360. A diesel engine option became available in 1989, making the Ram truck a lot more competitive.

The second, third, and fourth-generation pickups continued evolving in the areas of capabilities and powertrain, with several new engines offered and even providing multiple gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) for the 2500, allowing it to be available as a light-duty and heavy-duty option. However, this was short-lived, and the company reverted to a more traditional lineup, with the 1500 being its sole light-duty option.

The third-generation Ram truck began to show style cues that are still present today. A more distinctive grille, along with front-end refinements that gave it more curb appeal and a rounded, more stylish appearance. The boxy feel of past generations was left behind, and most of the truck’s components were completely updated. Truck buyers took notice, and sales grew, with roughly 400,000 trucks sold in the first few years after its release.

In its fourth generation, the automaker elected to keep a manual transmission option, making the Ram truck the only full-size pickup truck available with a stick. 2013 saw the addition of the Uconnect infotainment system, the same system found in Ram trucks today.

A black 2020 Ram 1500 and a red 2020 Ram 1500 Classic Rebel are parked on a beach in front of a lake.

The Current Ram Lineup

Here we are in the fifth generation, with the Ram lineup receiving a full redesign in 2019. The Ram Lineup story starts, as always, with the half-ton Ram 1500. Thanks to a lineup of several trims with options for every buyer, Ram 1500 buyers are sure to find a truck that meets their needs.

Moving up to the 3/4 ton 2500, this heavy duty pickup is ready to get you to work and can tow a trailer across the county. There’s not much this Ram 2500 can’t do. Whether buyers are true off-road adventurers or use their truck on the job site, the 2500 comes with all the necessary equipment and capabilities.

The Ram 3500 is the next model in the lineup and offers an even higher towing capacity. This one-ton mega truck packs all that power, yet still drives like a luxury car. It’s quiet and can easily be equipped with refinements that make drivers forget they’re in a massive one-ton pickup truck. The designers at Ram want buyers to have a variety of options when building out their trucks, and they recognize that everyone’s needs are a little different. Having that flexibility is exactly why the Ram truck line is hard to beat.

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