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2022 Wagoneer

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  • Overview

    A red 2022 Wagoneer is angled left.

    Jeep has a long history of building some of the most capable and comfortable SUVs available. However, the modern Jeep lineup has had a gap in it - a gap that has now been filled by the creation of a whole new branch of the Jeep name: the 2022 Wagoneer. If you have been longing for a full-size premium SUV with all the off-road potential of a Wrangler or Cherokee, then your wish has been fulfilled. Bearing an iconic Jeep name that dates back to 1962, the all-new Wagoneer line is a full-size body-on-frame SUV with three rows of seats and a powerful V8 engine standard. Add in the characteristic Jeep off-road features and best-in-class towing, and this new model is a real winner.

    But the new 2022 Wagoneer is not just about splashing through muddy trails and hauling heavy trailers. This SUV is a family vehicle inside and out, filled with useful features and advanced technology. Eight-passenger seating and a large cargo space mean that you will always have space for everyone and everything, while the Alpine sound system and 10.1-inch infotainment display mean never being bored on the road - and those are just the standard features. The Wagoneer has plenty of options for a real luxury experience, even without upgrading to the outright opulent 2022 Grand Wagoneer. This premium off-shoot of the Jeep legacy is bound to make a splash on any terrain with an accompaniment of class and style that aren't seen on the regular Jeep models.


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  • Design

    A white 2022 Wagoneer is shown from above on pavement.

    Older drivers may remember the original Jeep Wagoneer. Produced from 1962 to 1991, that full-size SUV was easily recognizable for its classic wooden side panels and was well-known for its unmatched performance. The all-new 2022 Wagoneer has lost the wood-grain exterior, but it has only improved on the performance. Built on the same frame as the rugged Ram 1500 pickup truck, the latest Wagoneer is the newest full-size SUV on the market and is filled with best-in-class features.

    Wagoneer vs Grand Wagoneer

    Jeep introduced the 2022 Wagoneer alongside the similarly-named 2022 Grand Wagoneer, which is a little confusing. Unlike the full-size SUVs from other manufacturers, such as the Chevy Tahoe and the Chevy Suburban, the Grand Wagoneer is not a larger version of the Wagoneer. Instead, think of the two models simply like the original Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee - the two models are the same size, with the Grand Wagoneer offering additional luxury features. But if you are looking for a larger SUV, don’t worry - the Wagoneer is actually bigger than competitors like the Tahoe and has plenty of interior space.

    A Traditional SUV

    While the 2022 Wagoneer may be the newest full-size SUV on the market and filled with cutting-edge technology, underneath its paint, it is a traditional full-size SUV. That starts with the sturdy body-on-frame construction that can endure the rigors of the trail and stand up to heavy towing in a way that no unibody crossover SUV can match. It continues with the powerful V8 engine under the hood, coupled with the standard rear-wheel drive and optional part-time 4x4 drivetrain, which gives it incredible power. Finally, the interior is a traditional three-row layout with eight-passenger seating standard and second-row captain’s chairs available.

    Plenty of Options

    The two different seating configurations are only the beginning of the options available for the 2022 Wagoneer. Jeep is offering four main variants of the new model, starting with the Series I. The Series II is filled with high-end features, including standard 12-way heated and ventilated Nappa leather seats, a nine-speaker Alpine sound system, and full LED exterior lighting. If that seems like a lot, you would be right - but things only get better from there.

    The Series II Premium adds a tri-pane panoramic sunroof, front passenger interactive display, and more, while the Series III takes things to the next level with power side steps, 360-surround vision, and a 19-speaker McIntosh sound system. Finally, there is the Series III Off-Road, which has standard 4x4 and a plethora of off-roading features on top of the luxury equipment found in the basic Series III Wagoneer. There are no wrong choices when it comes to choosing your Wagoneer.

  • Performance

    The grille of a black 2022 Wagoneer is shown in closeup.

    While most SUVs will only be found off-road in their advertising campaigns, Jeeps are different. Other manufacturers may sacrifice off-road performance in the name of comfort, knowing that their customers will never leave the beaten path, but Jeep knows that Jeep owners demand a vehicle that can conquer the toughest trails. The 2022 Wagoneer is no exception, and Jeep has crafted the most off-road capable full-size SUV on the market. With a powerful engine, 4x4 traction, and best-in-class towing, the Wagoneer is ready for adventure

    V8 Power

    A full-size SUV needs a full-size engine, and the 2022 Wagoneer will not let you down. Nestled under the hood is Jeep’s proven 5.7L HEMI V8, which is shared with the Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L. Providing nearly 400 horsepower and over 400 pound-feet of torque, this engine is more than enough to move the bulk of the Wagoneer with authority. Even better, it comes standard with Jeep’s eTorque mild hybrid system. This adds more low-end torque and reduces fuel consumption to improve off-road and towing performance.

    The V8 is connected to a traditional rear-wheel drive powertrain for maximum power delivery. Front-wheel drive vehicles will lose grip under acceleration or when towing, but the Wagoneer will not have that problem. If you are looking for even better performance off-road, the Wagoneer offers Jeep’s unbeatable 4x4 systems as an option on every trim. You even have access to the available Advanced All-Terrain Group for even more capability.

    It’s a Jeep Thing

    The Wagoneer wouldn’t be a Jeep if it wasn’t ready to tackle the wild, and the Advanced All-Terrain Group maximizes this SUV’s capabilities. The included features consist of the Selec-Terrain Traction Management System, Quadra-Lift Air Suspension System, a two-speed on-demand transfer case, and more. You even get skid plates and tow hooks so that you can handle any challenge that you come across in your adventures. Every Wagoneer is ready for the trail, but the All-Terrain Group takes things to the next level.

    The two-speed transfer case might be both the least obvious and most important upgrade in this package. Being able to shift down into 4Lo isn’t something you need to handle bad weather, but it is critically important when it comes to climbing up rocky trails or driving out of a mud pit. The Selec-Terrain system also helps in these extreme situations by optimizing vehicle performance with five different specialized terrain modes. Finally, the Quadra-Lift Air Suspension System enhances ride comfort and ground clearance, allowing you to drive over obstacles with ease. These systems and more combine to create an unmatched level of off-road capability for a full-size SUV.

  • Technology

    The digital gauge on a 2022 Wagoneer shows 60mph.

    A spacious interior, powerful engine, and luxury features are one thing, but to really stand out, a modern vehicle also needs cutting-edge technology. Fortunately, this is not a problem for the 2022 Wagoneer. This vehicle combines traditional SUV attributes with high-tech features for an unparalleled driving experience. A quick look at the infotainment, audio, and more, will leave you with no doubt that the Wagoneer is the most modern full-size SUV on the market today.

    Screens and Software

    The front row of the 2022 Wagoneer is dominated by a standard 10.1-inch infotainment display fitted neatly into the dash. This large screen is complemented by the intuitive Uconnect 5 infotainment system that makes accessing your favorite media and apps a breeze - and unlike other full-size SUVs, the Wagoneer comes standard with built-in navigation to get you precisely where you need to be. These features by themselves would be enough to set the Wagoneer apart from the competition, but they are just the beginning.

    Upgrading to the Series II Premium and higher trims of the 2022 Wagoneer, add a second 10.25-inch screen for the front passenger. This allows the driver and passenger to simultaneously access separate media - a particularly valuable feature when the driver has navigation information displayed on the center screen. The passenger screen can be used to control the vehicle’s audio system, access navigation, and exterior camera views or mirror the passenger’s phone or tablet.

    Finally, there is a Rear Seat Entertainment system consisting of a pair of 10.25 screens for the rear passengers. These screens can mirror passengers’ devices and even include Fire TV for Auto, providing plenty of entertainment options. There are truly no bad seats in the 2022 Wagoneer.

    Premium Audio

    The Wagoneer Series II comes standard with a nine-speaker Alpine premium sound system, giving you better audio quality than competing models. However, upgrading to the Series III will provide an even better McIntosh MX950 sound system. This 19-speaker setup was custom-built for the acoustics of the vehicle and includes a 17-channel 950-watt amplifier and a 10-inch subwoofer for a concert-grade experience.

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