Our Top 7 Reasons to Consider a Used Ram Heavy-Duty Truck

October 20th, 2023 by

A silver 2023 Ram 2500 Laramie is shown towing a trailer from a used Ram dealership.

There’s been a significant shift in the automotive industry, particularly in the truck segment, that’s challenged drivers to raise their standards and expectations of what it means to drive a truck. A century ago, trucks were designed as utilitarian workhorses meant to tow heavy loads effectively without much thought to driver comfort or ride quality. Fortunately, it’s an entirely different story today, with automakers like Ram challenging us to expect more from our trucks.

Visiting a used Ram dealership like ours paints a clearer picture of these expectations and proves why raising your standards and asking for more is perfectly acceptable. Ram is renowned for building reliable trucks that combine brute strength with luxury and innovation. Ram’s skillful mastery of this trifecta is readily appreciated in heavy-duty workhorses like the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500. The trucks take a no-compromise approach, promising to get every job done while prioritizing your comfort, safety, and experience in the driver’s seat.

So, why else should you consider a used Ram 2500 or Ram 3500? How do these trucks steal the spotlight from their rivals? As your premier used Ram dealership, we have the answers. Here are our top reasons to consider Ram’s heavy-duty lineup.

#1 Your Money Goes Further

The appeal of a new truck is difficult to resist, but there’s a significant advantage to investing in a used Ram 2500 or Ram 3500. Every vehicle depreciates, but a new truck depreciates faster, losing up to 11% of its value when you leave the lot and at least 20% after its first year on the road. By its fifth year, you can expect your truck to be worth around 40% of what you paid for it, with excessive mileage, wear, and tear drastically reducing this number.

Ram’s incredible reputation in the industry means each truck holds its value incredibly well, depreciating slower than most. This is especially appealing in a used Ram truck because you’re avoiding that new truck sticker price, making your money go further. So, instead of a base model Ram 2500, your budget might stretch to a top-tier trim with every luxury and tech feature imaginable, most of which are usually comparable to the newest models.

#2 You’re Investing in the Truck Brand

Ram trucks were once under the Dodge umbrella, with Dodge using the Ram head as a hood ornament in the 1930s and then introducing the Ram name to its light-duty truck lineup in the 1980s. However, in 2010, Dodge separated itself from Ram, making for one of the industry’s biggest headlines. The split allowed Dodge to build its performance-oriented lineup of Challengers and Chargers, leaving Ram to focus on its trucks.

Ram’s singular vision for trucks has earned the automaker an exceptional reputation and numerous awards. Instead of watering down its lineup with sedans, sports cars, and SUVs, Ram focuses on what it does best. The result is an extraordinary fleet of heavy-duty trucks like the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 that offer remarkable value as new and used models.

A black 2023 Ram 3500 is shown towing a horse trailer on a dirt road.

#3 You’re Joining an Award-Winning Legacy

Investing in a used Ram 2500 or Ram 3500 puts your hard-earned money to work, but it also guarantees you a ticket into an award-winning legacy. Ram is no stranger to the spotlight, earning countless awards from J.D. Power, Car and Driver, and MotorTrend. These awards include six MotorTrend Truck of the Year titles, including three consecutive titles that earned Ram a place in history as the first truck to achieve such a feat. Those honors were given to the 2019 Ram 1500, the 2020 Ram Heavy Duty, and the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX, with more accolades likely on the horizon.

#4 Luxury Is Always Guaranteed

One look inside any used Ram 2500 or Ram 3500, and it’s easy to see why Ram has the market cornered on building luxurious trucks. Ram’s vision to bring opulence to the segment is successful, with the heavy-duty models offering unparalleled ride quality and upscale interiors fit for royalty. You’ll find everything from a single cab to a Mega Cab with class-leading dimensions to the highest-quality materials that include heated and ventilated leather seating, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and detailed wood, aluminum, and gold accents.

#5 It’s HEMI or Cummins Powered

“That thing got a HEMI?” It’s a question made famous by Ram’s advertising campaign decades ago, an invaluable marketing tool that tied HEMI to America’s most luxurious trucks. Today, buying a used Ram 2500 or Ram 3500 always guarantees brute strength courtesy of a HEMI or Cummins powertrain. That alone is enough incentive to jump on the Ram bandwagon.

Ram’s partnership with Cummins began in the late 1980s, with the collaboration consistently delivering more capability with every new model. By 2019, Ram made history when it debuted the Ram Heavy Duty with a Cummins producing 1,000 lb-ft of torque. That output has climbed even higher over the years, with the 2021 Heavy Duty delivering 1,075 lb-ft of diesel torque for a class-leading towing capacity of 37,100 lbs. Even without the Cummins, the Ram Heavy Duty is no slouch, with the 2021 model delivering a best-in-class 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque from its potent 6.4L HEMI V8.

A blue 2023 Ram 2500 Laramie is shown towing a tractor off-road.

#6 It’s Tech-Savvy to Keep You Connected and Engaged

Ram is synonymous with luxury in the truck segment, but it’s also successfully positioned itself at the helm of innovation. It’s often the first to adopt new technologies and features that enhance your experience in the driver’s seat. As a result, investing in a used Ram 2500 or Ram 3500 gives you the opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge technologies that are staples on newer models at a fraction of the cost.

The 2019 Ram Heavy Duty is an excellent example of this innovation and how Ram’s tech-savvy workhorse offers tangible value. Behind the scenes, the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 feature active noise cancellation technology, guaranteeing a near-silent cabin even when powered by the Cummins diesel. Over 100 safety and driver-assist features also work behind the scenes, ranging from forward collision monitoring and automatic emergency braking to adaptive cruise control and trailering-specific tools. You’ll also find expansive digital displays, from the digital driver instrument display to the infotainment system with its 12-inch configurable screen that offers seamless smartphone integration and access to the 360-degree surround-view camera.

#7 It’s Ready for Adventure When You Are

One of the most exciting things about shopping for a used Ram 2500 or Ram 3500 is exploring your options. Ram’s heavy-duty fleet boasts an extensive trim lineup with something for everyone, from entry-level trims like the Tradesman, Big Horn, and Lone Star to premium options like the Laramie and Limited. Ram also recognizes the need for a more adventure-ready rig, answering the demand with the Ram Heavy Duty Power Wagon.

A must-have for anyone looking to venture off the pavement, the Ram Heavy Duty Power Wagon is the perfect workweek partner and weekend adventurer. The 2019 Ram Heavy Duty Power Wagon garnered widespread acclaim as the most capable off-road truck to roll off the production line. As expected, it blends the brute strength of the Ram Heavy Duty with luxury and off-road capability, from its integrated WARN winch to its 360-degree camera, suspension lift, front and rear locking differentials, and off-road-tuned suspension that ready it for every terrain and condition.

Investing in the Best with Ram

From unmatched luxury and class-leading capability to innovative technologies and an award-winning legacy, there are many reasons to consider a used Ram 2500 or Ram 3500. Ram’s reputation for luxury is undeniable, but there’s far more to the truck manufacturer than opulence. Ram is also revered for building high-quality trucks that are reliable and affordable, a combination that’s hard to beat and nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Because of this, buying a used Ram Heavy Duty becomes a worthwhile and exciting investment that continues to pay off every mile down the road.