Should You Get the 2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon’s Sky One-Touch Power Top?

December 15th, 2023 by

The most popular Jeep Wrangler for sale, a red 2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, is shown fording a river.

One of the most popular characteristics of the Jeep Wrangler is its customizable roof and window panels. Jeep represents freedom, and drivers love the freedom to adjust how much airflow and sunshine is coming through their Wrangler at any given moment. After all, Jeep drivers tend to turn to this brand so that they can experience their environment a little bit closer. They want fresh air, the smell of the ocean breeze, some nice vitamin D — you get the idea. So, if you’re currently shopping for a Jeep Wrangler for sale, you’re going to be faced with the classic Jeep question: what sort of top should you get?

Most Jeep Wrangler drivers have long been accustomed to just two top options: the soft top and the hard top. Hard tops are held in place via a series of latches and, once removed, need to be left at home or stored somewhere away from the vehicle. Soft tops involve a series of zippers, ties, and Velcro straps. Thanks to its soft material, you can pack your soft top away in the rear of your Wrangler once you’ve taken it down.

Each one offers its unique perks, which we’ll get to shortly. However, in recent years, Jeep released its One-Touch Sky Roof, available on the Rubicon trim. We get a great deal of requests for this terrific new option. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll see why many Wrangler drivers are discussing it. Here’s a look at the specific perks of these three roof options to help you decide which is right for your adventures.

Soft Top

The soft top, as its name promises, is a soft, textured fabric composed of a vinyl-coated polyester and cotton blend. It is weather-resistant and durable. This may be a great option for you for the following reasons:

Ease of Use

It is easy to take off on your own via a simple series of Velcro straps and ties; you simply roll it back along its cage. If you don’t have a co-pilot along for the ride, no problem. Removing this top is a one-person job.

It’s Easy to Stash Away

The soft top folds down small enough that you can easily stash it in your Wrangler’s rear area or in a simple cargo container in your garage. Figuring out where you’ll put it once you take it off will be a non-issue. In fact, that’s one reason it’s popular amongst those who park in shared garages, where storing large items is not an option.


Since the soft top can be stored inside your vehicle, you can choose to take it off at any point. So you might drive to your destination with the soft top on for shade and shelter from the wind and take it off for your drive home if you want to enjoy a breeze. If you want the option to be spontaneous, taking in more fresh air when you want and none when you don’t, the soft top is a terrific choice.


The soft top is the most affordable option. In fact, it has a very low price tag. So, if you want versatility, portability, and protection from the elements for a really low cost, check out the soft top.

A silver 2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is shown parked off-road.

Hard Top

Jeep hard tops are made out of solid fiberglass. They are extremely durable and provide similar insulation and shelter as a standard, one-piece roof. With two people on the job, removing the hard top is a breeze. Let’s look at some of the advantages:


A hard top can provide the same security as a standard, fully enclosed vehicle with a one-piece roof. Removing a hard top cannot be done quickly, and the latches to do so are located inside the vehicle, so a thief could not easily remove the hard top.

Weather Readiness

Hard tops are fully prepared to withstand heavy downpours, snow, hail, and extreme weather. If you live somewhere that gets the four seasons, the hard top could be a great choice for you.


Hitting the trails? You don’t need to worry about rocks or other debris kicking up and damaging your hard top. It can take a bit of a beating, making it great for off-roading. Need to park on the street? A few fallen branches shouldn’t harm your hard top.

One-Touch Sky Roof

The One-Touch Sky Roof is the newer option. It combines most of the perks of both the soft top and hard top into one versatile, convenient roof. With the Sky Roof, all you have to do is press a button to open or close it.

When you open it, it folds up and stashes away in the rear, covering the cargo area. So long as you are driving under 50 mph, you can even choose to adjust it while your vehicle is moving. Aesthetically, it offers the same look as a body-color hard top. It provides an experience much like driving many modern convertibles. So if the sun breaks through the clouds mid-drive and you want to enjoy it to the fullest, just press a button. Here are some other great perks of choosing this option:


You can choose to put the top up or down wherever you are, so you don’t need to commit to an open-air or closed-top experience for the entire day.

Ease of Use

You can adjust the Sky Roof while you’re driving with just the push of a button. No need to pull over to manually adjust it, and no finicking with tons of latches and ties.

It’s Quiet

The Sky Roof boasts quiet operation, so you don’t listen to loud cranks and gears as it goes up and down. Most Wrangler drivers who get it never want to go back to the other choices.

A red 2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is shown driving up a cliff.

Visit Us and Check Out the 2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Roof Options Today

Find your freedom with the 2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon today. The Rubicon trim is known for its special features that make it especially ready for extreme off-road environments. That’s why it simply makes sense that Jeep would add the all-new One-Touch Sky Roof to its top options.

If you plan on hitting the trails and exploring new destinations, you never know what the weather has in store for you. You want the versatility to put the top up when you face unexpected showers and put it back down when you want to enjoy the sun. Plus, you might want to avoid pulling over each time you need to adjust the roof. If that sounds like you, check out the One-touch Sky Roof. However, the soft and hard top options are classic elements of the Wrangler. Many drivers appreciate the stashable nature of the soft top and the durability of the hard top. What we appreciate is simply the number of options, letting drivers curate their experience.

We admire each of the versatile roof options of the Wrangler. It’s ready for the type of spontaneity you have in store for it. When you’re ready to check out the 2024 Wrangler Rubicon trim in person, pay us a visit. We’d love to help you explore the many fun and rugged features of this off-road SUV and help you find the best way to finance it.